The Naughty Doc! – Les

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I watched the woman in a white lab coat as she grabbed a note pad and pen. She chewed her plump lips as she watched me with hazel eyes.

“So what brings you here, Mrs…” she stuttered before looking into her note and then finally saying “Brown, Mrs. Brown.”

I sat up and eyed her covertly, taking in her swollen lips and big brown eyes. I looked lower and found that her lab coat had a loose button and I could see the creamy swell of her big breasts. I couldn’t see anything after that so I looked back up.

“Doctor, I’ve been having this tension and mild pains, here and here,” I said softly signalling my breasts and between my thighs.

“I’ve checked for lumps myself but I wouldn’t mind if I got expert opinion. I’m so scared.”

She nodded and signaled for my to lie back down on the make shift examination table.

“Any headache?” She asked.

I nodded in the affirmative before adding, “a little.”

“Any nausea, dizziness, weight loss, loss of appetite?”

I nodded in the negative and she wrote quickly into her note pad before dumping it and standing.

“I’m just going to examine you now, tell me if you feel any pain or discomfort.”

I nodded and closed my eyes.

Her soft voice tore me from my day dream and I swallowed loudly in shame because I was dreaming really dirty things about the good Doctor and me.

“Take your top off Mrs, Brown. Don’t be shy, we are women,” she said adding the last part as an after thought.

I did as she said and soon got back on the table, my medium sized breasts taking up space on my chest.

Her pupils dilated as she looked longingly at my breasts and I jiggled them consciously. This made her gasp for air.

“I’m going to feel your breast for lumps now but I’ll start with your nipples, tell me if they hurt.”

I nodded and closed my eyes as I felt the warmth of her hand before she finally touched me. Her fingers hovered over my breast before pulling my nipples in between forefinger and thumb. She rolled both nipples with both hands and asked me huskily if they hurt.

I opened my eyes and our eyes met and held. I nodded in the negative.

She hardened her hold and twisted my nipples painfully but this sent signals directly to my p**sy. I was dripping wet by now.

“How about now, Mrs, Brown? she asked and I still nodded in the negative.

“The nipples are clear then.”

I resumed closing my eyes as I felt her palm my *** in between both hands. We both knew this wasn’t how to feel for lumps but we both didn’t care. She squished my breasts together and caressed them roughly.

I was dripping by now and I let my arousal show by slightly opening my legs. I wanted her to taste my nipples but I knew that it was crossing the line. This was my doctor for f***ks sakes.

She carresed my *** for minutes before stopping and grabbing her note pad to input information. I waited in anticipation as she dropped the book and came back to me.

“I’ll check your vagina now, hopefully it would be as clear as your boobs.”

I nodded.

She turned me around, so that she was now in between my legs and I instinctively wrapped my long legs around her waist. She didn’t complain. She wet her her  fingers with lubrication but I was sure she didn’t need it. I was still thinking that when she moved my thong to the side and slid into me with force.

I held a cry as her three fingers turned and circled inside of me. I was going to come and there was nothing stopping me. She pulled out her fingers abruptly, just when I was near the edge.

I cried painfully as I opened my eyes to stare daggers at her but what I see almost sends me into a lustful rage. She smelt her fingers and took a deep whiff before bringing out the tip of her tongue to taste my wetness in moves that showed observation.

She licked, tasted, nodded and then licked again, nodded before finally engulfing all three fingers in her mouth and licking her hands clean.

“You taste alright Mrs, Brown but we can never be sure. I would like to be a hundred percent sure.”

“Please, Doctor, I don’t want to die. Do anything you can for me.” I said in mock tears.

She nodded and immediately knelt between my legs and before I could comprehend what she was up to, I felt her hot tongue taking a long lick from my perineum to my clit.

My brain went into overdrive as I clenched my thighs tightly against her head.

Her tongue soon darted into my vagina, and wiggled its way inside my canal. I felt like I was going to pass out and couldn’t take any more. She intermittently buried her tongue inside me and licked my clit ruthlessly.

Just when I felt myself about to free fall and crash into earth. She stopped again and stood up to go write in her note pad. I cursed loudly this time in frustration and she looked towards me in askance.

“Sorry, what did you say?” she asked in confusion and I buried my head in shame. I was here acting like a wanton woman.

“Sorry, I was just expressing fear and concern.”

She smiled sweetly at me and said, “don’t be scared. Everything looks very fine but let’s see if you feel pains deep inside, you know, where the womb is. Close your eyes Mrs, Brown “

I obeyed eagerly and minutes later, I heard her shuffling about.

She came to me after and stood in between my legs again and just like before, I wrapped my legs around her waist.

She moved my thong aside once more before slowly entering into me with what would seem like a dildo. I moaned loudly as she fully entered me.
“f***k! You feel so tight around my strap,” she moaned.

“Doctor, is that a bad thing?” I asked in mock worry and she nodded frantically. She looked so lost, so gone, so into a zone that I feared that she wasn’t on earth at all.

I looked down and saw that she was wearing the strap which had an end that went into the wearer. It made sense now.

She fumbled with some buttons and soon, the dildo was alive inside of me.

It was then she started to move, move like a savage. I didn’t know if it was my pleasure she was chasing, or hers or maybe both. She rammed into me like I was the cause of all her problems and maybe I was.

She f***ked me like she was a bull of some sorts and when my orgasm crashed into me, I went off completely just after I heard her crying out my name.


When I came back to consciousness, I was in bed with my wife wrapped around me like a fern.

“You passed out,” she said kissing my forehead.
I looked up at her beautiful face and nodded.

“It was too much, too good. You’re so good at this. It’s like f***king a new person every time.”

“I should take to acting but before then, I didn’t get to kiss my wife, come here.”

We kissed deeply and passionately and we were going to start something when we heard our twins screaming their lungs out. Phewww!!! So like them to wake at the same time and start screaming like banshees. My limbs felt like Jello and I was grateful when my wife zinged out to get them.

Phewww!! My personal doctor was now back to mommy mode.