I Groomed Him To F-u-c-K Me – Now He Even Washes My P-anties

At the university where I’m running my programme. Met this young lad. 21, fulani, final year, shy, cute, hawtt, everything. Mad obvious that he likes me but thought that I’m way out of his league. I tried to be friends with him. This boy became helpful. From going to refill my gas cylinder to buying fuel for my gen. All with my money of course.

One day we were seeing a movie and a s*x scene came on. Boy picked the remote and tried to forward it. I was like nah. Not happening. I’ve been looking forward to something that’d spice it up for me. That opened the opportunity for a dirty convo. I started to groom him fam. Following day, I asked if he’d like to have s*x with me. He stuttered for a bit and said No he doesn’t want to disrespect my body lmao. So I cleared him. Told him disrespect is If I’m not down to fvck him and he still tried to have his way. I educated him. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, Invited him on a fine evening. Soon as he arrived told him i want us to disrespect each other. Oh we did😁 I won’t get into detail l-sbians.

After the s*x, boy turned into a slave. From laundry, to cooking, cleaning, everything. Against my wish. I think lots of girls, especially the ones in hetero relationships go through this the most. Like they feel the need to serve/worship when they think that someone is out of their league. They start to do extra after s*x for different stupid reasons. That brings me to encourage people to be with their ‘league’ so they can be themselves. It’s less stressful.
I started feeling like a bad boy, a fvck boy. Well in  this case a fvck girl and him my lil bitch. I like an equal but he refused to see me no other way so I cleared him. Plus I don’t think he can keep up with my hoeself so i had to end it before someone gets hurt and it won’t be me.

When i tell people I like variety, lots don’t understand. Some days I like the innocence from young lads. Other days I like an experienced bad boy. But I always like my girls freaky. In case i got any of you wondering, I’m 25. I realized my hoe phase last year and I’m out to get the best of it. NO CARRY OVERS