A Prayer to God for Communication During Conflicts

Lord God, I ask now for my marriage. Much obliged to you, God for my companion. Much obliged to you for your affection for him/her, and for our marriage. Much obliged to you that you are a hero of marriage and you need to see our marriage last. Master, forgive me – so regularly I put myself first, and push you and my companion to the heating surface. Assist me with organizing our marriage. Assist me with battling for it when it’s hard, and to appreciate it when it’s working out in a good way. Assist me with empowering and bolster my companion in all she/he has going on. Help me, Lord! I realize that without your direction and bolster I would falter and fall. Assist us with putting you first, and fortify our purpose to work through the hardest pieces of marriage. In your name, I ask, Amen.