A Prayer For our leaders in church

Father God,
This virus is presenting new challenges every day. The emotions and attitudes of those in our church family are varied. Some are more afraid than others, some are more prone to anxiety than others, some run towards danger with no thought of the consequences. Lord, as a church leader, give me wisdom as I talk with and encourage your people. Give me the clarity to see the needs of the people. Please allow your Spirit to guide me and to speak through me as I offer hope and point them to you. Show me ways to keep our body connected during this time of social distancing. I praise you that we live in a time with technology that allows us to stay connected, yet I know many of our members still feel isolated and alone. Lord, give us eyes to see the needs. I ask that you equip your people to offer hope during this time, not panic. I pray that you would use your church to advance your kingdom, to be examples of your great love, and to be ready to offer an explanation for the hope we have in you.